Food Fantasy




Manage a fantasy restaurant and combat evil


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Food Fantasy is a game that combines two very different genres - it's essentially a turn based food sim, where players have to take charge of a beautiful restaurant in a fantasy world, while simultaneously embarking an epic adventure in which they have to fight against the forces of evil.

Players can customize each and every aspect of their restaurant, changing their aesthetics, hiring new chefs and waiters, and of course creating a unique menu. There are hundreds of recipes of delicious dishes that can be offered in the restaurant. And little by little, as you gain experience, these recipes can be upgraded.

The management of the restaurant, however, is only part of the experience offered by Food Fantasy. You can also recruit more than a hundred different "food souls", which you can use in the role play style section of the game. These souls, (such as steak or wine) have their own abilities and attributes, and they can be used to ward off the evil "fallen angels", such as gluttony and binge.

Food Fantasy is an outstanding RPG, with beautiful graphics and a huge variety of missions, characters and adventures. A unique title, which successfully combines the worlds of cooking and JRPG.

Requires Android 4.1 or higher